WSAD moves. Left mouse button fires.

You are a small drone defending what's left of a collapsing habitat station. Everything will be gone in five minutes, and as the station collapses the space you have to move safely decreases. Protect the towers holding the station together, or watch the station's inevitable demise accelerate!

Destruction Zone is an 80's Arcade inspired twin-stick style shooter. How high can you score when the world is shrinking before your very eyes?


Every X:30 you will be notified of the next area to disappear. At the X:00 second mark that section will disappear. Get caught in the emptiness and your health will plummet -- you need the energy of the station to survive!

If your health reaches zero you'll be reset to the center of the platform and respawn in five seconds. In that time enemies will be spawning so your job will become that much harder!

The structures with health bars above them are Support Towers. Those are the target of (most of) the robots and the thing that will keep your run going longer. When one of those is destroyed, it will add time to a clock. That time will be deducted from your time at six times speed!


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